Alerts for Route Configurations


When incoming configuration and route are running, sometimes an error occurs. Any errors normally abort the running process. If an error happens between an incoming configuration or a route, no tasks will be created. If an error happens in an outgoing process, the task will fail.

This error occurs for various reasons, and to handle it, you need to identify the error based on what error message appears. For faster handling, you certainly need a notification when this happens.

Alumio has a feature to send you those notifications as emails. Some of the options you can use for notifications are:

  • Incoming configuration:
    • Alert when an error occurs during execution
    • Alert when no new tasks are created within a predefined time span
  • Route:
    • Alert when a specific status occurs during execution.

In this guide, we will show you how to configure those features.


  1. Navigate to Connections → Routes and open your route configurations
  2. Navigate to Alerts tab
  3. Create new Alert configurations by hitting the Add Alert button
  4. Fill in the Name field
  5. Select the alert type in the Settings field. Currently, Alumio only supports Alert when a specified status occurs during execution for route alerts.
  6. Fill in the Email interval in minutes field, it means the alert will be sent every X minute when there is an error.
  7. Fill in the Group notifications per field with the number of errors in a group.
  8. Fill in the Email addresses fields with the email addresses where the alert should be sent.
  9. Select the specific Statuses of the tasks that need to be sent in the alerts.
  10. Save the configuration.