How to export data from Tasks

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What data can be exported?
  • Exporting data on the Task overview page


Now it’s become possible not only to work and view task data but also to export either data from one task or export a bulk of tasks regardless of the status in a few clicks.

This article will tell you more about exporting data from Tasks. You can easily find this functionality by following the Task overview page.

What data can be exported?

Before we dive into the process of exporting data it’s essential to clarify what exactly data can be exported.

Each exported data contains the following fields:

  • Identifier
  • Entity identifier
  • Status
  • Route
  • Created at
  • Updated at.

Each of the items can be found on the Task detail page.

However, it would also be very important to know which entity data are related to the specific task as described on the Task detail page Entity Data. We provide this information as a link in the export file in the field “Link”. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Task detail page to view the Entity data in the corresponding tab.

Exporting data on the Task overview page

To start exporting data you need to navigate to the Task overview page first.

Check manually what exactly tasks you would like to export or use such options as “Select all on page” and “Select all available” to select all tasks on the corresponding page or all tasks created ever accordingly. Once you select the task, the “Export” button will expand on the top of the page.

When you click on the “Export” button, the export file will be downloaded to you immediately. You can open the file and see all data contained in the export file described above. If you download a bulk of tasks, the file will show as many rows of exported data as you have selected previously, and data will be sorted in the order that is placed on the Task overview page.

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