How to get response returned in outgoing

Hello @Roland , do you know a way of receiving the returned response of the outgoing configuration. Thank you in advance everyone.

If you’d like to use the response of the outgoing in a transformer, you can’t.
Well, not in that way, but there are options.

  1. Using a HTTP transformer (with merger transformer)
  2. Save data in an Alumio storage

The first option is probably best and quite a common question.
Often when sending customer or product data you’d first want to check if that customer or product already exists in software B.
If it does not exist, it needs to be created and you want to use the given ID.
If it does exist, you want to retrieve the data. (or update)

Instead of creating your outgoing request in an outgoing configuration, you can do the request with a HTTP transformer, inside of a merger transformer.
And then use a Conditional transformer on the retrieved data (to filter the task for example).
Before doing your final outgoing request in a outgoing configuration.

I believe our shared configuration for AFAS uses this concept.

The second option is a possibility, where you simply store the data and use it later on in the next task.

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Thanks man, i have applied this before the response arrived, you guys are the best

Thank you very much!

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