The Information page

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Environment tab
  • Subscription tab
  • Alerts
  • Task Statistics


Once you get signed in to Alumio for the first time, the first thing you usually do is check out all necessary information about the subscription and actual statistics.
To find the page, you can quickly navigate Settings > Info.

The Information page can tell a lot since all settings regarding environment details, type of subscription, statistics about consumed tasks and alerts can be found in one place.

Let’s investigate all tabs from the very beginning!

Environment tab

The environment tab consists of a number of essential details such as Alumio Edition, Version, Latest Update and the endpoints of your Alumio environment.

Subscription tab

The Subscription tab describes the general information about your subscription in accordance with the selected tier. Here you are able to see the type of environment to which you are connected, and the settings of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

However, the most important part is details about Storage, Database, Tasks and Log retention. Depending on the type of subscription you can see the maximum total size of described items and their life time.


Alerts are a part of alerting functionality throughout the Alumio because they are usually used once the user needs to be informed about the status and results of a task.
Hence, it’s possible to activate alerting via email, which helps to avoid manually checking out what happens in Alumio every single moment.

As usual, you have a number of limited credits in accordance with the subscription tier. Besides, we inform you about the next billing period, this information will automatically update. Once you have reached the limit of email alerts, you are still able to create alerts for tasks performance but no emails are sent.

Task Statistics

The Task Statistics tab informs you about the number of consumed tasks that have been created during the corresponding time. Here you can see Finished and Failed tasks. Total processed tasks and display the sum of Finished and Failed tasks.

Moreover, try and filter task statistics, by current month, which is displayed by default, by last month, last 12 months or set up a custom one if none of described is applicable to you.

Please, pay attention that once you reach the limit of consumed tasks according to the selected subscription tier, you won’t be able to create new tasks.