A note on entity transformer form layout

Some entity transformers tend to get quite long and complex with many steps and many nested steps. By default I had the New Form Layout on. Just to see what the old was like, I tried to toggle that option and voila, now all my nested steps that were hidden came to display! I was very pleased with this finding, as now I can see and have all those steps at hand without memorising them (which can be terribly sloppy).
So 2 things I would draw out of this:

  1. I would change the label of that toggle, instead of old vs new (which does not tell anything actually if you don’t already know what it implies). Maybe you could say “Collapsed/Expanded” view - something like that?
  2. and please don’t discard that expanded/old view - I find it a lot better to work with(!). Instead of alpha/beta just have it as an added feature (and better off by default)?

Just my humble opinion :slight_smile:

Hi @kjetil

Thank you very much. Those are indeed valuable feedback for us.

We have a plan regarding the new form layout in the nearest future. However, we will be sure to pass your feedback on to the team.

Once again, thank you so much for your feedback. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other feedback or concern regarding our platform.