Alumio Api get entities from storage

How do I get entities or entity identifiers through the Alumio Api
I found the endpoints /storage/entities/:identifier where identifier is the storage identifier.
This endpoint returns the totalCount of entities as metadata and an empty results array, I expected the results array to be filled with either the entities or the entity identifiers. Because there is als the endpoint /storage/entites/:identifier/:entity where :identifier is the storage identifier and entity is the entity identifier in that storage. When giving both the storage and entity identifiers, I do get the entity back as a response.
But because of the empty results array from /storage/entities/:identifiers I can’t found out which entity identifiers exists.
Am I doing something wrong, or is there an issue with the /storage/entities/:identifier endpoint?

(I would like to have given this topic the the Alumio-api categorie, but I cant find that one anymore)

Hi @daniel.vos,

For some reason, you need to put a query parameter on your request to get the list of the entities. Please kindly try to do filter like this:

I’ll confirm it with team regarding this case, for now I can’t confirm is it a bug or not.
I’ll get back to you when I have an answer.

Thank you that works!

Great! I’m happy to hear that.