Alumio version 3.20.0-RC1

For all of you entrusting Alumio to deliver impeccable integrations for your businesses, we would love to let you know that Alumio version: 3.20.0-RC1 is live now! Our developers have fixed several bugs that were bugging you and improved pre-existing features to make the platform even better.

Here’s what has been fixed in the newest version, Alumio v3.20.0-RC1:

  • [Bugfix] - Previously, the default error ranges for the HTTP client often did not load into the forms correctly. Now, they do!
  • [Bugfix] - On the server statistics page, the timeframe selection widget started popping up for no reason. Well, no more from today!
  • [Bugfix] - In some cases users wanted to set an empty string as a value, and we made it possible for you!
  • [Bugfix] - The duplicate button for storages was probably the most irrelevant thing. Now, it has been removed and in effect, a thing of the past.
  • [Bugfix]- For code-based configurations, the Restore button was visible when there was nothing to restore. We unrestored it!
  • [Updated] - It is now possible to use the Copy Entities action inside a storage to copy the storage entities to another storage. Awesome, isn’t it?
  • [Updated] - In the HTTP Subscriber, it is now possible to use pagination in POST requests.
  • [Updated] - For a razor-sharp accuracy, it is now possible to use micro seconds while tracking the progress in a storage.
  • [Updated] - Tutorial videos for getting started with the Alumio iPaaS are now linked in the Dashboard.
  • [Updated] - While restoring configurations in the version control tab, a confirmation popup now appears. It will prevent the users from accidentally performing this action.

Don’t forget the release dates!

  • Release candidate: 3.20.0-RC1 on 18-10-2022 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.20.0 on 01-11-2022 (For usage on Production)

More updates are incoming, stay tuned!