Alumio version 3.21.0-RC4

For all of you entrusting Alumio to deliver impeccable integrations for your businesses, we would love to let you know that Alumio version 3.21.0-RC4 is live now! Our developers have mitigated several issues, improved pre-existing features and added exclusive new features to make the platform superior.

Here’s what is new in 3.21.0-RC4

  • [New!] Alumio now supports the importing and exporting of configurations (and their relations) via the dashboard. Exports are written to a file, which can be imported via the page Settings > Import.
    This allows our users to easily copy configurations from one environment to another while keeping the relations intact!
  • [New!] Alumio has switched to Auth0 as CIAM. This allows us to add additional authentication methods to Alumio, besides Google. This is aimed at improving the security of the platform.

(A Trailer Of The Future) Alumio will soon incorporate additional authentication methods soon. Besides that, our Enterprise clients will be able to login using Azure AD upon request.

  • [New!] Disk IO and inodes availability has been added to the statistics overview page.
  • [New!] We have added a confirmation popup when restoring a configuration. Awesome, isn’t it?
  • [Updated] The session lifetime of the Alumio login has been increased to 2 hours!
  • [Updated] Our clients wanted us to improve the JSON schema validation transformer and we took note!
  • [Resolved] How often were you complaining about the issue with the Request body matcher?Well, that’s a thing of the past and the previous version is no more!
  • [Resolved] You wanted us to resolve the issue where the JSON widget validation is not suitable for storage entities, and it won’t bug you anymore!
  • [Resolved] Would an async selection would break certain form actions every time you used it? Now, it doesn’t and the issue has been resolved*.*
  • [Resolved] The Alumio support team has resolved a bug wherein the storage detail pages could have an incorrect URL in the outdated Alumio versions.

Don’t forget the release dates!

  • Release candidate: 3.21.0-RC4 on 01-11-2022 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.21.0 on 15-11-2022 (For usage on Production)

More updates are incoming, stay tuned!