Alumio version 3.22.0-RC2

For all of you entrusting Alumio to deliver impeccable integrations for your businesses, we would love to let you know that Alumio version: 3.22.0-RC2 is live now! Our developers have fixed several bugs that were bugging you and improved pre-existing features to make the platform even better.

Here are some delightful new features in the newest version (Alumio 3.22.0-RC2):

  • [New!] Now, it is possible to fail a Task based on the response body and header.
  • [New!] Support is now available for bulk exports of configurations.
  • [New!] Support is now also available for streaming JSON files to allow for importing large amounts of JSON data.
  • [New!] Alumio now shows a warning when you try to remove a configuration that is still related to another configuration
  • [New!] From now on, Alumio will try to request a new 0Auth token when the response has a 401 code.

And, we have sorted out several issues and eliminated bugs!

  • [Resolved] We received complaints when Alumio users failed to scroll horizontally in Safari, and the issue has been resolved*.*
  • [Resolved] The support team has detected and resolved a bug wherein clicking Restore (in the top bar) for code-based configuration was returning a 500 error (in Version Control).
  • [Resolved] Previously, a scrollbar used to be shown in the middle of a log. Now, it doesn’t!
  • [Resolved] How irritating was it when unsaved changes alerts popped up when there were no changes? Now, it doesn’t and the issue has been resolved*.*
  • [Resolved] The Alumio support team has resolved a bug wherein the Save & Close button did not always close a configuration.
  • [Updated] The side menu of the vertical screen space has been improved.

Don’t forget the release dates!

  • Release candidate: 3.22.0-RC2 on 15-11-2022 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.22.0 on 29-11-2022 (For usage on Production)

A Peek into the future!

  • A new feature will be introduced in Alumio where a user can debug the Transformers in detail by setting breakpoints.
  • An option to enable logging of CRUD actions for the storage is coming soon.

Adios. Stay tuned with us!