Alumio version 3.28.0-RC1

The first set of platform improvements for Feb are in with Alumio version: 3.28.0-RC1. Our product team has been hard at work adding a bunch of new user-friendly features, to make integrations even more flexible for advanced Alumio users.

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version: 3.28.0-RC1:

  • [NEW] We’ve added a “Set UTF-8 encoding” plugin for HTTP clients, which encodes text into UTF-8 based on the provided source text.

  • [NEW] You can now connect to Magento 2 through OAuth 1.0a authentication!

  • [NEW] - We’ve made it easier to view the value of non-encrypted variables by simply hovering over them.

  • [NEW] - It’s now possible to configure an Entity Schema for HTTP proxies.

  • [NEW] - Feel free to add custom headers to OAuth 2.0 authentications.

  • [Solved] - You don’t need to enable logging anymore to create storage.

Here are the release dates:

  • Release candidate: 3.28.0-RC1 on 07-02-2023 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.28.0 on 21-02-2023 (For usage on Production)

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Awesome, gone is the guessing game.

this is getting more interesting