Alumio version 3.29.0-RC1

We’re excited to announce loads of new features and fixes with Alumio version: 3.29.0-RC1! From adding a new feature for Shopify configurations and including a Cron Expression column in our Scheduler, to improving error handling for Webhooks, this new update packs a lot of user-friendly additions from our Product Team.

Here’s what’s new and improved Alumio version: 3.29.0-RC1:

  • [NEW] Now view and edit inline configurations without redirecting to another page.

  • [NEW] Schedulers now have a “Cron Expression” column for better visibility on the overview pages!

  • [NEW] Now send requests with multipart/form data contained through Webhooks

  • [NEW] Shopify works even better with Alumio! We now support page parameters in the pagination.

  • [NEW] We added the SSL option “Verify SSL certificate status” to support certificates from non-trusted sources.

  • [NEW] We’ve updated the XLSX parser and the CSV parser and improved reporting of errors coming from CSV/XLSX deserializer

  • [SOLVED] Switching transformers in Entity Transformers doesn’t display old settings anymore!

  • [SOLVED] The pagination is now set correctly in table overviews when applying filters.

  • [SOLVED] The export functionality now has the HTTP Proxy properly included.

  • [SOLVED] Now &{} placeholder doesn’t cause issues while working with Merger Transformer

  • [SOLVED] Error handling for Webhooks has been improved!

  • [SOLVED] We’ve improved the configuration containing the “type” property by setting it up as plain data to avoid any error messages.

  • [SOLVED] Error reporting with Sherpaan Subscriber in Incoming Configuration is more user-friendly!

  • [SOLVED] The Transformer “Move using a pattern” doesn’t show missing data anymore!

Here are the release dates:

  • Release candidate: 3.29.0-RC1 on 21-02-2023 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.29.0 on 07-03-2023 (For usage on Production)

@m.bruijn @a.staal
Would it be a good idea to always have an end section explaining how to update the environments?
Including the auto update date for UAT environments.
This could encourage people to update their environments quicker.