Alumio version: 3.48.0-RC1

Ready for some new user-friendly improvements to your Alumio integration experience? With Alumio version 3.48.0-RC1 we’re happy to bring you some crucial UI fixes, a performance improvement to the “Move using a pattern” transformer, the ability to view details about additional packages, and more!

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version: 3.48.0-RC1

  • [NEW] You can now view information about additional packages and their versions installed in Alumio. This can be found in Settings > Info page > Environment tab.

  • [NEW] We’ve improved the performance of the “Move using a Pattern” transformer to speed up obtaining results when using large arrays in the transformer.

  • [NEW] Solved an issue where the menu would sometimes fail to load on the screen.

  • [NEW] We’ve fixed a couple of bugs in our UI! This includes fixing the “Copy URL” option that incorrectly copied the URL due to missing a “/” between the base URL and the HTTP Proxy section. Also, when a new dashboard version is released, users now correctly receive a notification to navigate to “Profile icon > User preferences” to update the dashboard, instead of incorrectly being directed to the “Support Menu”.

  • [NEW] Resolved a problem with the incorrect display of the editor name of the configuration in the Version Control tab.

  • [NEW] Resolved an issue where in certain cases no email was sent out for a configured alert.

  • [NEW] A bug that caused an error message when using the bulk action to stop processes on the “Processes” page has been fixed.

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.48.0-RC1 on 14-11-2023 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.48.0 on 28-11-2023 (For usage on Production)

How to update your environment

Your UAT environment is always automatically updated every 2 weeks to the latest release candidate version. This happens on the same day as the release notes are published by Alumio.

Note: Your production environment is NOT automatically updated to the next stable version. You can request production updates by contacting our Support Team via: Our Support Team will perform the update in correspondence with your planning.

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