Alumio version: 3.57.0-RC1

To add to the last release notes that we shared for this month, we are happy to include some crucial new performance and user-friendly improvements with Alumio version 3.57.0-RC1. But more importantly, we have a great announcement!

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version 3.57.0-RC1:

  • [NEW] We’ve increased the maximum limitation for the “Mail when inactivity has been detected for minutes” alert from 1440 to 2880 minutes / 24 hours.
  • [NEW] We’ve improved the performance of the “Move data between accessors” transformer to speed up data processing in the transformer.
  • [NEW] Fixed a bug where a user couldn’t scroll and view data when retrieving a long response in the Transformer tester.

New Connector version we support:

  • Zoho CRM Connector, v6


We’ve launched the Alumio Feature Roadmap 2024, detailing all the major upcoming platform features that we’re working on to release this year!

Explore our feature roadmap now →

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.57.0-RC1 on 19-03-2024 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.57.0 on 02-04-2024 (For usage on Production)

How to update your environment

Your UAT environment is always automatically updated every 2 weeks to the latest release candidate version. This happens on the same day as the release notes are published by Alumio.

Note: Your production environment is NOT automatically updated to the next stable version. Request production updates by contacting our Support Team via: Our Support Team will perform the update in correspondence with your planning.

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