Alumio version 3.62.0-RC1

It’s our third release for this month with Alumio version 3.62.0-RC1, which brings even more features, fixes, and connectors to make your integrations simple. This includes introducing a new Task feature that allows users to decide on finished or failed tasks, fixing a bug where retrying a non-existing task caused all tasks to be retried, and new connector support for popular payment options. Happy integrating!

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version 3.62.0-RC1:

  • [NEW] A new “Waiting” status has been added to Tasks when a Task is processed, which allows users to decide whether it has been finished or failed. After that, it’s possible to update the status of multiple Tasks to “Finished” or “Failed” using the bulk action.

  • [NEW] We’ve added the Document Type Definitions (DTD) when selecting the “cXML” option to make routes and send cXML invoices and other information via Alumio.
  • [NEW] An issue with the “MySQL server has gone away" error has been resolved when a process runs too long without sending back any data.
  • [NEW] We fixed a bug where retrying a non-existing task caused all tasks to be retried.
  • [NEW] We’ve improved the performance of the Route and Incoming details pages, the Transformer tester, and all places where JSON fields are used.

New Connectors we support:

  •, v2.0
  • Stripe Connector, v1
  • Klipfolio Connector, v1.0

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.62.0-RC1 on 28-05-2024 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.62.0 on 11-06-2024 (For usage on Production)

How to update your environment

Your UAT environment is always automatically updated every 2 weeks to the latest release candidate version. This happens on the same day as the release notes are published by Alumio.

Note: Your production environment is NOT automatically updated to the next stable version. You can request production updates by contacting our Support Team via: Our Support Team will perform the update in correspondence with your planning.

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