BUG: HTTP Transformer doesn't serialize

Hi Alumio,

I’ve just found out the latest RC version (3.54-RC1) doesn’t serialize correctly anymore in HTTP Transformers:

This does work correctly on their live-environment (3.45 I believe). Since there are a few versions between these environments, I can’t be sure this was introduced in 3.54-RC1

We had the same problem on our UAT environment with the XML serializer.
We have requested an update rollback during the issue and with the new 3.54.0-RC2 update this should be fixed.

Hopefully this answer helps you as well.

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Hi @floris What @Rickvzanden said is true, we have fixed it in the latest version. We recommend that you update your environment version immediately, let me know if you would like us to do so.

@Rickvzanden thank you for your reply.