BUG: Importing a Storage Entity changes the storage-path, so all entities dissappear

Hi Alumio,

To sync changes in configurations, we use exports and imports incredibly often. Almost everything works great, but with storages you have to be incredibly careful.

I’d known for a while that entities might disappear when importing a storage configuration, but I just found out why: apparently the ‘storage path’ (or, note, ‘might change’, it might not actually happen always) changes. We had these examples:

To: xxx-category-mapping-01HGWKHQ7DGDS14ME45ZWX4YN6

To: xxx-product-mapping-01HGWKHQ7TBYCKCF798PHP51K0

To: xxx-xml-basicext-storage-01HGWKHPVQ2PRAX50PXZZQFPEQ

This means that suddenly the entities in the storage ‘disappear’. They’re not actually deleted: it’s just that due to the path-change Alumio can’t find the files anymore. By using Version Control you can fix it.

Can you fix the import so it NEVER changes the path of the storage?


Hi @floris,

Thank you for your feedback.
I’ll pass this on to the corresponding team to ask their thoughts