Collections/better overview for Transformers/Incoming/Outgoing/Routes

Hi all,

I couldn’t find this topic anywhere but I think its worth mentioning. We are build quite a few interfaces in Alumio and our list is getting longer and longer.

Currently our collection of transformers are on about 40 in our testing environment and thankfully we have the option to extend the pagination list to more.

On a side note, it would be great if the pagination remembers your last used setting :laughing:

But it would be even better if we could group up a few of the transformers for a better overview. Something like a folder structure or a tree view with categories would be awesome.
So just throwing it in here and hopefully more people agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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Idefinitely agree.

Would a tagging system suffice? So you can create tags and apply them to transformers, incoming etc?
With the option to add multiple tags perhaps.


Yes something like that could also be a great solution. As long as it improves navigating trough the list of transformers anything is welcome.

Bundling up transformers in a folder would be my personal preference but a tag system that u can use to filter the list by a single click with a pre-defined set of tags or something like that would be great as well.

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Regarding the pagination, could you please confirm whether you are referring to the pagination of the configurations list? If you are, as far as I know, the dashboard remembers the last used setting for paginations. But it will be cleared when the session ends or expires.

Hi Gugi,

It looks like you are right, it does store the pagination setting it seems now that I pay attention. I guess my session resets rather a lot then without me noticing.
I open/close tabs quite a lot I guess.

Could this become a user setting stored in the account to prevent resetting this? I rather want to see as much as possible so I can navigate using the crtl+f in the browser. This helps me find the transformers quite a bit faster.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback. Therefore, we will pass this on to the team to see whether it is possible to implement it in the future. We will get back to you once we have an update.

Will you do the same for this?