Conditional trigger for a route

Hi all, I got a question about the incoming in a route.

For dynamics we use DMF which will return either dequeue data or a “No content” response.
My route uses certain data from the previous incoming to execute the logic. But obviously when I get the no content response, it should not do anything in the route. So skip any following transformers and the outgoing.


Is there a way to prevent any executing of the rest of the route when there is no content?
Or is the only way to make to use conditionals in the linked transformers and outgoing in the route?


The route should not error, so I am looking for a way to say its okay, you do not have to execute something and you should not error, just mark the task as success.

Hi @Rickvzanden,

Thank you for your questions.
Yes, the only way is to make a conditional in the linked transformer and outgoing.

Ok thank you for your reply.