Copy and Move transformers

Table of contents

  • Use case
  • Guide

Use case

When there is a need to copy an existing transformer into another area of functionality or move the transformer from one filesystem to another, configuring such options as “Copy” and “Move” transformers would work nicely in Alumio.


Here’s an easy guide for you.

Step 1: Create an Entity transformer, then select “Data, transform data using mappers and conditions”.

Step 2: Add the Data transformer and select the “Filesystem: Copy a file” or “Filesystem: Move a file” option.

Step 3: Fill out such fields as:

  • Path of the file.
  • Source filesystem.
  • Root directory.
  • Select write flags and add a checkmark for logger if needed.
  • Add Destination filesystem and directory.
  • Assign a status when the destination exists: “Skip”, “Overwrite” or “Rename”.

Step 4: Save configuration.

Step 5: Verify that files have been moved to their destination.