Database Subscriber: Query

Hello guys,
I will love to know if the database subscriber only allow “SELECT” in the query textarea because i will like to also INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER etc…

I know we currently atleast support inserting and updating you can read it here.

And I believe the function to delete rows using a publisher is also already finished.
@Gugi Do you know if deleting using a database publisher has already been released?

Also keep in mind to follow the Alumio flow, Incoming (subscribers) to retrieve data, and outgoing (publishers) to send data.
In your case, the update and insert queries will need to be created using an outgoing configuration.

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i understand this now,

I don’t know if show tables also exist

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Maybe there’s an sql query that’ll work with the database subscriber to retrieve the tables but that’d be useless in Alumio.
Because any architectural changes to the database should not be made with Alumio, but with your administration software of choice (phpMyAdmin).

Thanks @Roland this is helpful