Deployment pipeline

Our development teams use a deployment pipeline in which actions can triggers events.

For example, when a PR is merged on main, it will validate the configuration JSON, YAML, etc., and if no errors are found, a tag is created, which will create a composer package version.

As a member of the development team, we would like to be able to deploy an Alumio configuration composer package via the API, which will replace all existing configurations, so we can integrate the deployment to Alumio in our CI/CD pipeline.

additional information:
Our configuration package can contain all configurable configs (entity, http-authentication, incoming, route, soap-client, transformer, filesystem, http-client, outgoing, scheduler-entry, storage, transformer-test)

We can imagine that the API for replacing the configuration, has an option which will only add the configuration.

It would really make our lives better if using this API would result the configurations gaining the status: “This configuration is part of the code base”.

Hi @r.gravestein

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We believe that it would benefit the users of Alumio in integrating systems.

We will pass your request on to the corresponding team to see whether it is already on our roadmap or not. We will be sure to get back to you once we have an update on this matter.

Kind regards

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Hi Gugi,

Did you receive any info about this from the team?

Kind regards,
Rudger Gravestein

Hi @r.gravestein

Thank you for waiting. We have received an update from the team that we can now add composer packages from external composer server. In order to add the packages, please contact by providing us the package name, composer server domain and the composer credentials.

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