Differences between Clients, Subscribers and Publishers

What is the difference between Clients and Subscribers/Publishers within one of our connector packages provided by Alumio?

Basically, a Client is a component that allows our Alumio iPaaS locate the target system, its authentication criteria and other such details in HTTP format (this can also be done in SOAP, SQL Database, etc. formats).

A Client is used to send requests from the publisher and receive/fetch responses for the subscriber, they work together as Client-Subscriber & Client-Publisher.

The subscribers/publishers (used in incoming/outgoing configurations) are consumable data objects that are used within Alumio itself to ‘catch, manipulate & send’ data with and they work in tandem with the client who are there to actually connect with the external system A or B.

Client = locate & authenticate the target system on the network
Subscriber/Publisher = how Alumio talks to the systems endpoints

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