Direct filter in a route


We’ve several routes which process data from one or more webhooks.
What I’m really missing is a direct filter in a route, instead via ‘entity transformers’

Right now we need to create a lot of one line Transformers only to add a filter to a route.

I think thats a good idea that there’s a direct filter option in a route.
Which this its possible to have one webhook for a variant of routes (see ie like CRUD actions) and each action has is own route.

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Hi @TMourikSH Thank you for your valuable feedback.

You are correct that you are required to create a separate transformer only to put a filter in order to define which route an entity should go to.

We will discuss your feedback with the team. Please kindly wait for any updates.

Hi @TMourikSH,

Thank you for your patience.

After our assessment, we have put this request for later development. However, we don’t have any estimations yet on when it will be released.

We encourage you to check our release notes every 2 weeks for updates on new features and bug fixes.

Finally, we advise you to update to our latest version when it is released, which can be requested via

Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback. Feel free to let us know if you have any other feedback.