Edit next link before calling

The original request I do to the API has multiple query parameters.
In the next link these query parameters are not present so I want to add them before the next link is called.
I thought this should be possible with calling a 'Value setter" entity transformer at the end of the incoming to add the extra query parameters to the next url.
For debugging purposes I also added a “Save entity to storage” entity transformer after the value setter to check if the next url has been changed.
Unfortunately when looking at the log, the next url isn’t changed, but in storage it has been changed, so it looks like the incoming is taking the original next url for doing the request instead of the changed next url.
Is there any way to fix this myself or can the implementation be changed to make this work?

Hi @daniel.vos,

Yes, the URL will use the original next links.
But actually, you didn’t need to add the query parameters to the next link URL because Returnless will also generate the next URL, including combinations of query parameters. As you can see from the response to the request here, it’s also picking up the included parameters.