Entity transformer fails after Branching with a pattern

I’m using a http proxy and calling an entity transformer to process an array of shipping order notices. The processed entities need to be written to an ftp site, one record at a time.

I’ve used the branch with a pattern approach which processes the items in the array.

I’ve used multiple shipping orders (3) with multiple line items to test the most complex data structure.

However the Entity Transformer is sending three entities back to the HTTP Proxy, which is expecting one and then failing.

The process then needs to create a response back to the calling system.

Is there a way to bring the branches back together again, or prevent the entity transformer from sending the responses back?

Or is there another approach I could consider?

I’m answering myself , as I think that I have a solution.

If you are finding the same problem with Branching with a Pattern, then I found that I could perform the same actions by using Node Transform at the Entity Level (but not the Data Transformer level). This allowed me to chain a set of data transformers (including executing entity transformers) and process to the data the way I needed, including returning a single item from the Entity Transformer. Happy Days.

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us, and we are sorry for the late reply.

Since you mentioned HTTP Proxy and Entity transformers, I assume that you use
Execute entity transformers to call the entity transformers from the HTTP proxy.

As mentioned in the documentation, Execute entity transformers expects only one entity returned. Therefore, you cannot use “Get branches from a pattern” as it separates the entities based on the pattern you provide. You are correct that you can use “Node, transform nodes” inside the “Execute entity transformers” if you want to transform each object in an array without having to branch/split it.