Exact online client doesn't seem to automatically update it's token

I Get the following error:
“exceptionMessage”: “invalid_grant”,

When manually clicking on the grant access button in the http client it works again (temporarily). How can I automate this?

Hi @steven,

Thank you for the feedback.
Our team is working on this issue.
Could you please create a support ticket for this issue? Please also provide link to the http client mentioned.

Seems it might be an issue on the Exact side. It’s working atm, will keep you posted.

Hi @steven,

Thank you for giving me the update.
Of course, I am waiting for further news from you.

@steven you can disregard the question to create a support ticket.
This issue seemingly does not need private one on one communication.
We’d love to hear the story and (potential) solution on the forum so others can be helped in the future by reading it.