Exit transformer with optional throw error/alert


As a programmer we come through some cases where we just want to stop the transformer chain with what its doing without executing more code/transformers. In code this can be done several ways. Some examples but not limited to:

loop → exit
loop → continue with next
if not what you want/expect → throw error

Most of these things can be done by proper planning and setting up the right conditionals but data changes sometimes and in order to accommodate the dynamic world of API’s and versions it would be nice to have such a feature. In code it’s very common to “throw an exception” when something bad happens :slight_smile:

Another solution would be to be able to include an transformer row that you have already created in a conditional transformer without having to rebuild the whole thing. But that sounds a bit more difficult to build.

It would be nice to have at least an option to stop the current process and notify some one with an alert that something is not right and they need to look into it.
Or in another case just ignore the rest of the transformers without throwing an error.

We are now abusing the system to stop executing in some cases by creating an error with a placeholder that does not exist, and before that we send a message to an teams channel.
It would be nice to incorporate those 2 in something meant to do this.

This gives us a handy alert error in our Teams and stops the code from executing more:


Agree on this. It would definitely make integrations more mature, flexible and scaleable.

Hi @Rickvzanden and @daniellefers, thank you for your request and feedback.
I will pass this to the team first, I will try to keep you updates.

Hi @Rickvzanden, just a little update, our team has created a story for this request.
There is no estimation yet when it will be available.
You can monitor our released notes pages to keep up to date on every feature released.

Thank you!

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