Filling the "Retry request on failure" plugin with a response

I have an incoming configuration to get products in batches from a Dynamics 365 F&SCM client. Occasionally, it returns with a “429” error code stating “Too many requests”. This is why I use a plugin in the incoming configuration. The plugin allows me to retry if I get a similar error, like this:

However, in the response from D365, I actually get a “Retry after” value, which specifies the seconds in which I can try again, like this:


It would be best practice to use the “Retry after” in the plugin. Is there a way to do this?

@Alumio_support I think this will become a feature request.
Or do we have a way to retry based on a header value?

For now, is it an option to increase the ‘Numbers of seconds to wait until retry’ field to 60?
I’d think the retry after time will always be 60 seconds.

Hi @Roland, we have a plugin to retry based on a header value but it doesn’t seem to fit the way D365 F&SCM works.

The plugin I’m referring to is “Rate limit based on header”, but it requires you to fill in the header in response that tells the remaining requests instead of the remaining time to retry. I think we need to pass this on to the team to discuss. The Retry-After header is a standard header and is quite used in a lot of systems. I think it would be a great addition to the platform.

Hi @j.wiegmann Thank you for your feedback on experiencing our platform. As I mentioned above, we will discuss this with the team to see whether we can implement it in the future. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Hi all,

Thank you for the reply. It currently works when I manually enter the 60 seconds, so it’s fine at the moment. :wink: