Filters: Show why an filter has filtered out some entities

In incoming job we use filters to filter out not-relevant entities.

In the logging of the incoming there is now a message “filtered out 300 of 1.000 entity”.

For some incomign jobs multiple filters are used to only fetch the relevant entities.

It would give us more insight in the logs to have a reference which filter has filtered out that much entities.

The incoming configuration fetch all stock from the source system.
Filter 1: Stock is “enabled”
Filter 2: Stock is “sellable”
Filter 3: Stock is changed compared with the stock in the storage from last run
Filter 4: The product is present in the e-commerce platform

We now have nu clue which filter does filter what amount of stock entities.

For now it would be helpfull to have a tag or description from the specific filter.

I think I mentioned it before last year, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Wanted to bring it to your attention.

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