Folders or tags to group entity transformers and configurations

With one of our customers having over 70 different entity transformers, it is sometimes hard to find the right entity transformers I am looking for. A folder structure or tags (with a filter ofcourse) would certainly give clarity for these kind of problems.

Also, a new tab on the left side of the navigation bar called “integrations” or “projects” which contains every entity transformer, outgoing- and ingoing connection, route etc. (based on tags) might be a good idea?


It was nice meeting you yesterday @j.wiegmann .
Thank you for creating this feature request! I-am sure many others are facing similar issues.
Because of your request and others, we can monitor the urge of such a feature.

@Gugi Could you please let development know that this request has been made a multitude of times? We already have a story as wel, part of APD-1446.

@NickEnthoven has requested the same thing Q4 last year.
And @Rickvzanden as wel on the forum.


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I agree. The folder approach also has my preference.
I could accept tags as an intermediate approach, it would be necessary to be able to filter by tags though.

We build routes for different clients and we would want to show routes per clients.

Some good news,
The feature is mentioned in our 2024 product roadmap.
And work has already been done creating the feature.

As for the roadmap itself, we don’t have a public release version just yet.

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