Handling and manipulating tasks

Filter out tasks based on lookup etc.
I have an incoming config which is based on a request to one system’s API with a lookup (using a merged http transformer) on another system’s API. Is there any way to apply a filter on that, so that if the lookup does not return the wanted data (e.g. entity does not exist on that system) then filter that task away - like “filter on previously stored” but filter the task based on a data value? This is not so important, but would be a nice feature.

Flag tasks as failed with entity transformer
Secondly, in my outgoing, I have used a no action publisher, where all the data requests are made in entity transformers (because I need to make more than one request and make them conditionally). Because of that, all tasks just show as finished seemingly no matter what the actual response from the requests are - e.g. if the PATCH request I have there fail because I have made a bad request (http error 400). Is there a way to tell the Alumio flow that now this task should be flagged as failed?

This is rather important, because as for now, I can not see from the Alumio tasks if they have failed, only by inspecting the tasks for picked entities on chance or after finding in the systems that some data have not been exported.

HTTP Client error handling
I have set 4xx errors not to be handled as stoppers for the requests in question. Is it so that if I changed that backed to the default, then they would file as failed? Meaning a workaround here for the outgoing config. could be to create and use another HTTP client for the same connection that has stricter error handling?

HI @kjetil,

I will answer them one by one.
For your first question. For now there is no filter for tasks based on values with expectations such as “Filter previously Entities”. However, what can be done is to make the task as “skipped” when the route is executed.
Of course, we will add this as feedback for future feature development.

For the second question, you can configure it on HTTP Client: Error Handling and Connection.

And for the last question. Yes, if you restore it to the initial settings, then the 4xx error will be marked as failed. This is the answer for you before. Then, if you have different needs in the same connection, you can create a different HTTP Client.