How to access data send to an Alumio webhook?

When you call an Alumio webhook, instead of running a HTTP subscriber you might want to use the data that’s being send with the call to the webhook.

This can be done by using a ‘Webhook Subscriber’ in your incoming connection.

Step one

Set-up your incoming configuration to use a ‘Webhook Subscriber’.

Step two

Create a webhook that runs the created incoming configuration.

How to switch webhook based on Header value

Say you have a header called “X-event-type” and it can contain “order-created” but also “order-deleted”.
Because your software calls one webhook for both of these ‘order’ events.
But you still want to run a different incoming depending on this event type.

This can be done by creating one webhook for each header value within Alumio.
Within each webhook you want to add a ‘Pre-processor’ with a ‘Header matcher’ where the header name of course will be ‘X-event-type’ but the value is different for each webhook.

Now you can add the corresponding incoming configuration for each webhook.

Within your 3rd party software you can add webhook calls to both of the Alumio Webhooks you have created for their ‘order’ events.

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