How to check if an date is in the future?


I was wondering how I can achieve an check to see if an date is in the future?
I could not find an condition check for this.
I also tried to use an datetime to unix timestamp conversion to set two values, one with datetime now converted and the other with the supplied datetime but I ran into another problem…

This condition does not let me supply an placeholder as number.
I was wondering is there a way to do this check some other way within Alumio?

Hi @Rickvzanden
You can compare with JmesPath, its mentioned somewhere here on the forum
&{first_val_to_compare “comparison_syntax” second_val_to_compare}

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Hi @Rickvzanden, could you please confirm whether the problem was solved? You can follow the example that made by @catalin.

Thank you for your help @catalin.

This is exactly what I needed.
Thank you for the example.