How to create http auth access

Greetings everyone, I require assistance in establishing a connection to a WooCommerce website using HTTP authentication prior to accessing the woocommerce api resources using API key.

Hi Abubakar,

We have a WooCommerce Connector plugins on Alumio.
You can access it from Clients → HTTP Clients → Create new HTTP Client and on the list, you can choose “WooCommerce HTTP Client”.
Could you please try it out? Let me know if you need more assistance.

Screenshot from 2023-05-15 14-06-19

Hello @r.candrian , please check out this link

Hi Abubakar,

Sorry, I can’t open that page because it requires authentication.

exactly @r.candrian , that is what i want to resolve in Alumio, the credentials are with me, i need to know if Alumio have solution for such kind of url with auth

I’d suggest trying to tackle it in Postman for ease of debugging.
And would start with trying basic authentication.

Hello @Roland, the website have two auth, the www-Authenticate and the woocommerce api key access

@abubakar Could you please try to put the basic authentication on “Authentication username and password” like this?

still the same, no access

@abubakar most web services aren’t configured to allow two layers of authentication. You will need to ask the woocommerce infrastructure partner to whitelist the Alumio IP so it can bypass the basic authentication.

Sometimes a web service allows you to use two forms of authentication but I don’t think they ever allow or are able to process the same form (basic auth in this case) twice. I.e. Authorization Basic <basic auth>, Bearer <bearer token> might work where Authorization Basic <basic auth 1>, Basic <basic auth 2> will not.

So to get back to my original point, I would ask the infrastructure partner to whitelist Alumio. You can find the IP under Settings → Info.