How to find task identifier given a jobId/process identifier

Using the API endpoint /queue/process/list, I can observe whether a webhook or an incoming has been called. And through the API endpoint /tasks, I can obtain an overview of all created tasks. How can I, based on a process identifier or jobId, check which task has been created?

Hi @daniel.vos

At the moment, the only way to achieve your objective is to use the API endpoint POST /logs/search. The documentation is not completed yet, so below is the API request you can call to get the task identifier.


    "prototype": "queue-logs",
    "parameters": {
        "runId": "<PROCESS_ID>",
        "from": 0,
        "size": 100,
        "level": 200,
        "order": "asc",
        "filters": {
            "where": {
                "@fields.ctxt_tag": {
                    "eq": "task.created"

The task identifier(s) is in path object.hits.hits[]._source.@fields.ctxt_task.identifier in the response.