How to map with String: Decode HTML entities

Table of contents

  • Use case
  • Guide

Use case

When working with existing mappers in Alumio, sometimes it’s hard to use a mapper for HTML decoding because there is a need to use different decoders to finally get the result. Today’s use case and the solution are here to simplify your life when facing such a case.

Let’s say, you want to get XML data from your ERP system in the Incoming configuration and then send it via Outgoing configuration to the FTP server. After that, you may need to convert the output XML file (from UTF-8, for instance) to, for example, ISO-8859-1. Within Alumio, it’s really difficult to implement and obtain the proper result.

Therefore, the following guide below will help you!


Step 1: Select Data Transformer > Value setter.

Step 2: Input key, select value (string) and include placeholder.

Step 3: Add mapper from the dropdown > String: Decode HTML entities

Step 4: Run the test and see the results. As a result, you’ll see that the HTML decoder has converted the number of symbols toward the words to the specific word or sentence.

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