How to properly create a connection w/ least amount of configuring


This is a best practice bear minimum 101 way of setting up a good re-usable configuration.

  1. Create environment variables for base URI’s, API Keys, Usernames etc.
    Use these in all the following by using ‘${VARIABLENAME}’
  2. (If not using a connector package) Create HTTP authentications, use these in the HTTP Clients
  3. Create HTTP clients, make sure to use the plugin ‘Add base URI to requests’ and use this client in the incoming and outgoing configurations.
  4. Create Incoming and Outgoing configurations, make sure to use the HTTP client.

With this setup almost no configuration needs to be set-up for creating new connections. You could just select the client and be set.

Follow up

Follow-up steps would be:
  1. Create a Route with the created incoming and outgoing configurations
  2. Create Transformers to map your data (And use these either in a Route, Incoming or Outgoing depending on the needs)
  3. A. Create a scheduler to run the incoming connection and enable ‘Enable realtime processing’ in the route.
    B. Create a scheduler to run the incoming and create a scheduler to run the route.