How to retrieve multiple XML files from a compressed response?

Hi, I couldn’t really find a place to ask my question so I will ask it here.

I am retrieving an ZIP file from our Dynamics DMF that contains multiple XML files.
When I try to go trough all the files in the zip with the response decoder “compressed” I only get the first iteration from the zipfile.


I defined two patterns in this response decoder.

Only the first one shows up in the body:

When I switch the order around, I get the other file in the response:

I also tried using a 2nd file processor separating the 2 files, but that did not help either.
Also using the " * " as array placeholder does not work.

How can I retrieve both files from the zip file?

To get both data from the two files, you can use two transformers.
For example, like this:

  1. The first Http Transformer for the “test2.xml” file
  2. And the second Http Transformer, must be in Merge Transformer for the “test1.xml” file.

Thank you for your feedback, but will this not result in doing multiple HTTP calls to the same download URL instead of just using the files already there from the first call? All files come from a single zip so this seems very inefficient to me.

Since I could not find a better solution than this I tried using multiple HTTP transformers and merging the data together. But when I try to merge 2 XML files with both around 200 nodes/elements in each file it seems to crash Alumio for that call. When I use smaller files it works but that won’t work for us.

The files are not even that considerable large in bytes:

For example retrieving the “Released products v2.xml” and putting it in the document works fine, but when I try to merge (using a merge transformer + http transformer) a second file I get an time out with this error:

When I try to open this error to see details the screen is stuck on:

Even after a few hours this does not change.
Besides all these issues with merging the XML files, I still think it should not be the case that we need to use multiple HTTP Transformers to retrieve the same zip file over and over just to extract more than one XML file from the zip.

Thank you for your patience waiting.
As we previously stated via a support ticket that our team will make several improvements to solve your problem.
We will let you know as soon as we receive an update from the Team.

We would like to inform you that in the latest RC release from Alumio, it is now possible to simultaneously fetch multiple files from zip files.
Currently, you can do this using the HTTP Transformer, and you will find the “Include All Items” configuration at the bottom. This setting will allow you to retrieve all data from all files contained in the zip file in the same call.


Got around to test this today and it works like a charm now.
Thank you for the quick response and the fix for this matter!