How to set dynamic soft coded date-time in a request

On retrieving data from Akeneo there is a possibility to filter the data on created and updated date. If I could manage to set and use that date in my request I could reduce the amount of records (tasks) retrieved quite substantially, and also the time used since there will be less data to process.

I would need to store the date-time when I made the last request and next time i make the request I would have to access that stored date-time and format it according to the Akeneo format and set the filter (as a parameter in the request).

Similar filtering can be done for Shopware, and I guess other systems too. This forum article touches the subject in note 3.

How can we store, use and set a date-time in such a manner in Alumio?

Hi @kjetil

If you need to save the date-time of the last request, in the incoming configuration, you should add an entity transformer that help you get the current timestamp and write it into a storage. You can use the Format: Date mapper to generate the current timestamp and use the Save entity to storage to save the date into the storage.

In order to be able to get the last saved timestamp to be used in the next request to Akeneo, you can utilize the “Input Transformer” field in the HTTP subscriber (incoming configuration). In the field, you can use the “Get an entity from a storage” to get the timestamp. Finally, you can use the loaded timestamp in the Request Parameters using a JMESPath syntax, such as below.

For now I will go with a coded date (instead of getting it from storage). Anyway it works, thanks!

Great to hear that you managed to get it works!

Using a Value Setter and Format: Date would also work too, as long as it fulfills your objective.