How to use plain text response decoder

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Plain text response decoder


Sometimes when trying to connect to an external API through Alumio, you may run into the issue. For example, when you make a GET request to the external API, the system returns a proper response but the body response can be empty.

This was caused by an inability to differentiate a user token as plain text in the response body. Therefore, here we are to provide you with more details on how you can solve the corresponding issue.

Plain text response decoder

There are two common cases which can help you solve the issue when requesting the external API to return token as the plain text. Let’s have a look at them both!

Case 1: Create a Route that uses an HTTP Subscriber.

  1. Use a URL that returns plain text.
  2. Configure the “Plain text” response decoder.
  3. Run the Incoming configuration.
  4. Plain text is added as entity data in the configured key.

Case 2: Create a Transformer with the Value mapper inside.

  1. Add a Data transformer, then select Value mapper.
  • Use the pattern accessor. Configure a pattern.
  • Add a Deserialize mapper.
    • Configure the plain text deserializer.
  1. Add test data in the Transformer tester.
  2. Run the Transformer tester.
  3. Plain text is added as entity data in the configured key.
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