How to use Transliteration mapper

Table of contents

  • Use case
  • Guide

Use case

In some cases where language symbols differ and may affect working configuration due to the unknown of the system symbols/letters, there is a need to convert them to proper and unified letters, for example, “é/ë/ê/è/è” to “e” and “áäâ” to “a”.


Here’s how you can reach the transliteration transformation.

Step 1: Create an Entity transformer and select “Data, transform data using mappers and conditions”.

Step 2: Add “Valuer setter” as a Data transformer.

Step 3: Select the Key as “String” and set the value.

Step 4: Add a mapper.

Step 5: Select “String: Transliterate” and set the Identifier from which to which option transliteration should be performed.

Step 6: Run the test and see the result.