How to verify if a key exists with 'Key condition'

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The “Key condition” prototype in the Conditional Transformer


Sometimes you’ll need to perform a quick verification when using Transformers, whether a key is needed or not. For this, we’ve got the “Key condition” prototype within the Conditional Transformer.

The “Key condition” prototype in the Conditional Transformer

The “Key condition” prototype allows us to perform a fast check if the key exists or not.

Once we set up this prototype in the Transformer, the system is able to do an empty check, and then it informs you if the key exists for the needed Transformer.

Follow these steps to navigate to the “Key condition” prototype:

  1. Select “Conditional Transformer” in the Data Transformers;

  2. Select the “Key condition” prototype in the “If all conditions are met” option;

  3. Choose condition:

    a. if key exists;

    b. key not exists.

  4. Specify the “Path” field and apply the additional Transformer “Value setter”.

  5. Run the test and check.

Results should be displayed even if the key has a null value in the input data.