Incoming without a subscriber

Hi all,

I got something that I would like your opinion about, it would be a “nice to have” for me in Alumio but maybe there are already other ways to achieve this.

Incoming transformers have the traits to be scheduled and to be ran on the press of a button. We cannot do this for entity transformers except with tests. For incoming we always need to define a subscriber, but I want to create an incoming without a subscriber where I can define 3 input fields without it watching for a certain point.

I want to set the following fields:

  • base_url
  • endpoint
  • filename

So the subscriber would start with a data transformer before anything else. Currently I couldn’t find an option to do this.

With these fields I could make an entity transformer that makes use of the defined params to fetch me the files I want, from the URL and endpoint I want. The entity transformer would thus be universal and I only have to duplicate the incoming and change the three values to make it work for other urls/endpoints/files. Ofcourse this would make al lot of custom subscribers available since we could sort of make our own (which could maybe be later added to the already fast growing list).

Curious to know that you guys think about this concept and if there are maybe already ways to do this.

Hi Rickvzanden,

Could you please clarify: do you want to make an incoming call that makes a call with predefined parameters? And these parameters can be defined by the entity transformer?

But what data would it have to transform?

I don’t get where the start in your scenario is, besides using a storage subscriber to get some data first. Maybe that’s what you are looking for?

So I will try to explain.

First though, Roland’s suggestion made me hopeful as an alternative solution, but unfortunately it does not work in this case since I we cannot create our own storage objects by hand. These always have to be filled in by a transformer of some sort first before you could edit/insert them. (Which could be a nice feature improvement as well)

I don’t get where the start in your scenario is, besides using a storage subscriber to get some data first. Maybe that’s what you are looking for?

That’s the point I am trying to get across, there is no base subscribe data other than predefined variables.

My start scenario is that I want to re-use universal transformers without having to setup an HTTP subscriber or storage subscriber. I want the incoming to set some variables which then get picked up by an universal HTTP transformer which handles my repeating task but with a different endpoint each time. So that I do not need to worry about setting up things that are already defined once and can be re-used.

Here’s an example, but as an entity transformer:

The problem with entity transformers is that you cannot schedule them or run them by them selves. But I have no data to subscribe to for my incoming because I want to just set some variables which my entity transformer then picks up and uses to get the data I need.

Hopefully this will help explaining what I meant. Also I am on a small holiday right now, back in a week before I can respond again.

Ah I think I understand now.

So maybe the following feature:
Within an incoming you can select a ‘Custom object’ subscriber.
This presents you with one field, like so:

Where you can write your data with environment variables to start the route with.
Would that feature be the solution?


A workaround would be using the storage subscriber or using a http subscriber to a fake storage or endpoint.
Then overwriting all data in the first Entity transformer.

Have a nice holiday.

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Yes exactly, that would be perfect.

@Alumio_support Could you look into making this a feature requests?

Like described: Incoming without a subscriber - #5 by Roland