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Hi all,

I-am Roland Lübbers officially a ‘product consultant’ at Alumio, I do however also do a lot of things besides consulting the Alumio product.
For instance, setting up and running this Forum.

I-am located in Drenthe in The Netherlands, right in the middle of farmland.
As for triple chocolate cookies, I like them, especially the softer kind.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile.


Well Roland, I am more of a strawberry cheesecake cookies connoisseur myself. Triple chocolate cookies tend to be too crunchy in my own humble opinion.


Hello there! Welcome to our forum.

My name is Ruben and I am an IT-business consultant for Alumio here in the Netherlands, I’m supporting our team with product demos and technical consultations while also giving E-commerce / iPaaS / Industry knowledge refresh courses for onboarding and/or existing employees & partners.

Our main goal at Alumio is to help Manufacturers and Retailers untangle their IT landscape for digital growth with a next-gen data integration platform.

After working and traveling around the world for five years I decided to focus my life on IT management, business intelligence, data integration and software production. It has always ben my dream to contribute to the creation of a high-tech product/project such as Alumio!

Roland and I will be your guides on this forum, feel free to ask us anything.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here.


Hello all,

I’m the Art Director/Designer at Alumio. I work in the marketing department helping with getting Alumio’s messaging across. I am also periodically working on enhancing the Alumio visual brand identity and new design systems.

As of recently I am working closely with the Product Development team in upgrading the UI design of the Alumio iPaaS interface. Those of you using the platform will start to notice some subtle but much needed visual changes/upgrades.

I’m originally from Bombay (also known as Maximum city) but since 2008 have made quite a space for myself in the city of Groningen.

I am excited to hear your thoughts when it comes to design. Criticisms, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

You can connect with me on Linkedin


Hi :wave:! I would like to introduce myself as Project Manager of the Marketing Team at Alumio! In my role as Project Manager, I plan and develop projects, ideas, and campaigns. My superpower is to ensure everyone stays on top of their tasks and meets their deadlines so that we can successfully deliver the great brand you know as Alumio.

However, I was not always a Project Manager. I first joined Alumio as a multitasking intern, responsible for the website, design, and content, back when the Marketing Team was a one-woman show. Having studied entrepreneurship, I was quite new to the world of marketing, and learned many useful things like how to build and maintain a website in Webflow. Among other things, I have had the pleasure of growing into my role within the company while also witnessing the company’s incredible growth firsthand.

I grew up in Drenthe - also known as “The Farmland,” as Roland pointed out - and then moved to Zwolle for my studies. I have now returned to my origins and settled back in the city I was born in, Groningen.

Feedback on our marketing measures and our product is always welcome! Let’s connect on LinkedIn here.

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Hey, my name is Serghei Trofimov. I’m a Channel Marketing Manager at Alumio. So, I’m mostly responsible for organizing co-marketing activities with partners and providing them with the necessary support.

Originally from Russia, I moved around the globe quite a bit. After leaving Saint Petersburg, I moved to Chisinau, Moldova, for two years. As soon as I graduated from high school, I went to the USA to study Marketing & Operations and Supply Chain Management, followed by getting an MBA. After working for a few years in the States, I decided to relocate to the Netherlands. Currently, I’m based in Arnhem, NL.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Welcome to the forum @m.bruijn. Nice to have you onboard.

Hi everyone!

My name is Jesse and I’m own the company Inteqrate. I’ve been working with the Alumio platform for many years now and have delivered 350+ routes at this point. My company helps organisations around the world connecting their IT systems using Alumio. Other than providing integration services, you’ll regularly find me onboarding new Alumio customers or training other integration partners during the monthly technical sessions.

Looking forward to bringing a positive contribution to the forums. Feel free to connect over at LinkedIn!


Hi, my name is Abubakar Bello. I am based in West Africa and work as an integration and automation specialist(Alumio). I am part of the Micro1 team and am dedicated to helping our clients streamline their operations through effective use of technology. I have a passion for solving complex problems and am always looking for ways to improve our processes and deliver the best possible results for our clients.



Welcome @abubakar !
We are looking forward to seeing more of you on the forum. :mio_smile:

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Hi everyone,

My name is Steven de Vries, I work at Enrise. I’m a software architect who works on serveral projects for several clients. I mostly advice clients on which systems could be of use (including Alumio). In the past I have also done some integrations with Alumio next to some workshops for clients introducing them to Alumio.


Hi nice to meet you all.

My name is Rick van Zanden, I work at EQOM as a developer. I’m originally a PHP developer but currently learning to work with Microsoft Dynamics. Recently I started working in Alumio for mapping imports/exports between Dynamics and other API’s.

Hopefully the forum can extend my knowledge a bit and offer another place next to Slack for new information/problem solving if needed.


Nice to have you here @Rickvzanden

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Hi Rick, Good to have you here.
You’ve started out as a PHP developer, that’s good to know.
I also started out as a PHP developer.
The forum is indeed an effort to keep questions and answers accessible for others to use. Something that was lacking with our previous support structure. And something that is lost in the world of Facebook, Slack and other chat based communication.

Thank you for joining!

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Hello all! :raising_hand_woman:t2: My name is Annemieke and I am Head of Customer Success at Alumio. Together with my team I will do everything I can to ensure that the customer can work as successfully as possible with the Alumio platform :purple_heart: I live in Ede, which is located in the middle of the Netherlands. And last but not least: who doesn’t love triple chocolate cookies? :cookie::wink: Feel free to contact me for questions and check out my LinkedIn Profile!


Good to have you on the forum Steven! Any more Alumio workshops planned on the horizon?

Just recently made a webinar with Alumio :slight_smile:
Only done workshops for our existing clients atm, change of people that need help with managing (failed) tasks in Alumio.


Hello everyone,

My name is Jesse Wever and I’m a colleague of Rick. And just like him I also used to work as a PHP developer but switched to X++ to develop for microsoft dynamics.

im a huge technerd with intresses from very old single cylinder tractors to the newst chips and a big love for all things music


Hi Jesse,
As a sucker for and owner of several 80’s Japanese cars, welcome to the forum!