Merged storage > filter empty storage

I’ve a Incoming with ‘merged storage’
But, its creating empty tasks if the storage is empty and that generates ‘failed’ tasks :wink:

With a HTTP incoming I can filter the reponse based on a key (array) as if count > 0

But, how can I filter the merged storage in the incoming?
I treid the next set-up, that doesnt do anything

I’ve to rewrite my conclusion : it doesn’t work.
It seemed to be working on the UAT env, but it isnt. We released it on the PRD env. and we still receiving failed tasks, caused by empty arrays.

Hi @TMourikSH,

Could you please try to use this?

This should prevent the task from being created if the data in the storage is empty.
Let me know if this doesn’t work.

Ah, good idea… ill test it today!

Nice, thats it!