Recursively delete configurations

When you try to remove a configuration which other configuration(s) still rely on Alumio prevents you from continuing. I’d love to have the ability to have a setting that allows you to remove all constraints.

Alternatively, it would be good to have a delete functionality similar to the export functionality. Where the export function allows you to export all related configurations, the delete functionality should give the ability to delete (and disable) all related configurations.

Hi @jesse

Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate your interest in our product and your feedback is valuable to us.

We have received your request and would like to discuss it with our team to evaluate its feasibility and potential impact on our product roadmap. We will get back to you within as soon as we have an update on whether we will move forward with this request or not.

Thank you again for your suggestion and for being a valued customer. If you have any further feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Hi @jesse

We discussed your request and decided to create a story to implement the feature in the future. We will keep you informed of any updates to the story.