Request Connectorpackage for ChannelEngine CHANNEL API

I would like to request a connector package for the ChannelEngine Channel API.
Please note, this is a different API than the one used in the current ChannelEngine Connector Package.

ChannelEngine offers 3APIs:

  • Merchant API (present in current Alumio package)
  • Channel API
  • Channel Management API

The Channel API allows channels to integrate into ChannelEngine.
We’ve had requests from Channels, using Alumio who want to connect to the ChannelEngine Channel API

API Spec: Swagger UI
API documentation:

We can supply a developeraccount/access if needed.

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Hi @NickEnthoven,

ChannelEngine-Channel connector is currently available on Alumio. It’s just that some new endpoints still need to be available in our connector, but of course, it’s already included in our roadmap.

You can select ChanneEngine - Channel connector in the Incoming and Outgoing menu.
For Incoming:

For Outgoing:

Please confirm whether the currently available Channelengine - Channel endpoint can meet your integration needs.

And yes, it would help us to get an account to test the updates for the connector.