Right tool for the job or a Swiss army solution?

It sparked a small debate at our Groningen headquarters.

A #MemesWithMio post that showed dedicated cutlery and a Swiss army knife.

Where the original intent was to show Alumio as having the right capable tools to do every job the right way.
Depicted by the dedicated cutlery as the better option, opposed to fiddling around with a Swiss army knife.

However, the opposition said, a Swiss army knife is the embodiment for multifunctionality and inventiveness.
And in that way being a better depiction of Alumio.

Maybe because we work with colleagues originating from all over the world.
This can be seen as a good example on how having people from different cultures and customs have different associations that give meaningful insights, from which we can all learn.

What is your first impression on the matter?

  • I’ll take it as it is, Alumio is the right cutlery for the right job
  • Switch it around, a Swiss army knife is the embodiment of multifunctionality and so is Alumio

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