Route authentication

Hi, I am pretty new to Alumio and trying to figure out how to setup authentication to trigger a route. I can’t find it in the docs or the forum.

Eventually the route must be triggered from an external system or from within an Alumio HTTP proxy.

I would like to test things first using Postman. Basically, this is the URL that is used:

GET/POST https://{environment}

Without auth, the response will obviously be 400 - Unauthorised.

How do I setup my Postman request authentication?

Next question … I’m considering to use an HTTP proxy to trigger the route. Not sure if that is common practise, but if so, what is the way to go to setup the HTTP Client auth the proxy uses?

If that works, the external system must do a GET/POST https://{env}, right?
Now I want to provide that system a simple auth protocol, like an API key in the request header or something. My proxy will validate it and then trigger the route using the (complex) auth protocol I asked about in my first question.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @ben,

You can use the bearer token as authentication. The token can be generated from the setting → api keys menu on your Alumio Dashboard.

Next for HTTP Proxies, please check this.