Rules of the Alumio Forum


Alumio wants to welcome everyone to our forum, no matter who they are, what they believe in, or where they are from. Unfortunately due to the nature of the internet we have a set of rules we must follow to ensure our community is at its best. If you have a question or concern that is not covered here, feel free to message the moderators via the @moderators group.

1. No NSFW Content

Content that is Not Safe For Work is not allowed. This content includes, but is not limited to, nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, violence, and other potentially disturbing matter.

2. No Illegal Content

Posting, advocating for, or linking to content generally considered illegal is forbidden.

Examples are pirated material, copyrighted works for which the user does not have the rights to republish, instructions for malicious (hacking) or harming activities and similar.

3. No Impersonation or Doxing

Impersonation of any user or staff member is not tolerated. Likewise doxing of any user or staff member is not tolerated.

4. No Discrimination of Any Kind

Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

5. No Spam, Advertising, or Self-Promotion without consent

This forum is owned, managed, and maintained by Alumio. Spam, advertisements, and self-promotion with the intention of making revenue off of clicks, affiliate links, advertisements, or products will be removed unless posted with explicit permission by staff. Offering paid services outside the scope of Alumio is prohibited unless with explicit permission by staff and must be called out as having financial implications for the poster.

If questions (topics) are resolved with a partner or an otherwise paid service, the solution still ought to be posted on the forum in said topic.

6. No Alternate Accounts

Alternate accounts cause more issues than they solve, as such “alts” are not allowed. Name changes may be allowed at staff discretion.

7. Keep Discussion Civil

We realize that there are passionate people in the world, but we must remember to attack problems, not people. Flaming, baiting, harassment, or trolling with intentional malice is not appropriate. Please see this page by the Charles Koch Institute for a good summation of civil discourse.

Promoting aggression, hacking, misusing software or other harmful acts is explicitly prohibited.

8. Mega Threads Need Focus

Things get lost, buried, and hidden in mega threads. If a user would like to start a mega thread they must ensure that it has a focused core topic, not an all-encompassing idea.

9. Off Topic/Low Effort Posts May Be Removed

As much fun as it is to drop a post with no meaning in a thread, these posts serve no real purpose and may be removed if they detract from the conversation at hand.

10. ‘Necroing’ Threads May Result In Thread Closure

Necros are considered posts bumping a thread older than 6 months. Unless the intended post is directly pertinent to the topic it is recommended to create a new thread.

11. Categories May Have Additional Rules

Certain categories may have additional rules that apply. These rules will be pinned to the top of the respective categories and users should understand them before posting.


Moderators and staff reserve the right to utilize their resources as necessary. Posts and threads may be moved, merged, or deleted when required. Accounts may be suspended, banned, or deleted when required.

First time offenders will receive a warning. Second time offenders will receive a temporary suspension. Third time offenders will be banned indefinitely. Depending on the severity of the situation steps may be skipped. Trying to skirt the rules may result in being treated as breaking the rules.

Moderators are people too, so when in doubt, just ask.
Or check our community guidelines.